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"Before Lincoln Was President, There was Adams & Swett Rug Cleaning Company"



Our oldest company, Adams and Swett, has been in continuous operation since 1856.   Superior Rug Cleaning Company in Springfield, Massachusetts was founded in 1946 and in Bloomfield, Connecticut (originally John Leavitt Rug Cleaning Company) in 1947.


Though there have been many changes in those many years—back then rugs were picked up and delivered by horse and buggy—rugs are still principally cleaned by hand. Today, we still dust, wash, rinse and dry all rugs. All repairs and restoration to fine Oriental rugs are done exclusively by hand. 

History Of The Company

Adams & Swett Circa Late 1800's

Back before the Civil War, when clipper ships first brought bales of dazzling Oriental rugs to the New World, two enterprising Bostonians started a rug cleaning business catering to the gentry from Beacon Hill and Charlestown.


Freedom Samuel Adams and William Swett were dedicated perfectionists, committed to only the most thorough and efficient cleaning methods for their demanding clientele.


“The work will speak for itself”, they reasoned.  “If we please our customers the business will grow”.


Today, more 156 years later, Adams & Swett has grown to become the leading full service rug business in New England.


Our complete rug maintenance department provides fine hand repair of Oriental and domestic rugs in addition to moth repellant, Scotchgard and deodorizing.


For the most thorough, careful and convenient rug cleaning, you can count on the Adams & Swett reputation – a reputation we’ve earned since 1856.

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Adams & Swett Rug Cleaning Company

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