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Superior Rug Cleaning Company was founded in 1946 in Springfield, Massachusetts.  Our main plant is still in Springfield at 6 Progress Avenue in the Springfield Industrial Park. Over the years, the plant has undergone many changes in equipment and technology but our process still requires expert workmanship and is very much a hands-on operation.


From its first day in operation, Superior has maintained the higest standard of rug cleaning and restoration.  No other company in America cleans more rug than we do.  After all, with our name, we have a lot to live up to!



Superior aquired the following companies:


  • 1984 Rugcraft Rug Cleaning Company

  • 1988 John Leavitt Rug Cleaning Company - Bloomfield, Connecticut

  • 1989 Adams & Swett Rug Cleaning Company - Boston, Massachusetts

  • 1989 Albany Carpet Cleaning Company - Boston, Massachusetts



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